Can of worms

In regards to the closure of Lake Quinault — I agree with the concerns of the swimming issue. It seems unreasonable to let tribal members swim considering the health issued raised. But this also shows how the Quinault Business Committee treats us members. Doesn’t make much sense on a lot of decisions they make.

Brenda Sampson, the south side of the lake, does have in place a modern sewer system up to the Rain Forest Store and Motel.

North Shore and Amanda Park have no sewer system for the homes along the lake.

The south side was pressured to put in place because the U.S. Forest Service had a grant from the federal government to fund most of the cost. North Shore problems will go on and on until the park service solves the problem, if you know what I mean.

Kind of reminds me of the Wild Olympics issue. If this legislation passes, your troubles are just starting.

Pollution carries many different meanings. As owners of the lake, it is the Nation’s power to close it, if the Quinault Business Committee chooses to. This is not the first time the lake has been closed. My understanding is that it is a civil violation to disregard and property could be seized from violators of the closure.

With a very poor blueback run, I could have bought the fishing closure. There has been a survey of maybe 10,000 fish and our escapement goal is 26,000 fish. Fishing and swimming should be closed to all.

Thank you Jeff Nelson for your statement that Grays Harbor has no jurisdiction.

Mr. Frank Gordon, I am glad to realize the problem is in your ballpark. The pollution problem stems within your jurisdiction and flows into Lake Quinault.

This is a problem throughout Grays Harbor County, not only Lake Quinault, looking at your jurisdiction. What a can of worms.

Justine James Sr.

Quinault Tribal member