In his Feb 3 letter to the editor, Randy Dutton made references to a number of articles, written by individuals who believe the cat population should be eradicated to extinction! Thankfully, he does not share that attitude. Me, neither!

Cats make wonderful companions, especially for folks who live alone. They give such comfort, taking away all loneliness. They delight us with their playful antics and countless ways to get into mischief. And they teach us how to share love. Children, especially, benefit from their presence in our homes.

These so-called “environmental threats” are dumped, indiscriminately, by thoughtless owners who no longer want them! Pets are not being spayed and neutered thus, expanding numbers of unwanted animals! Often, these poor creatures are left homeless, to fend for themselves, as best they can. Consequently, they become unwanted nuisances in our neighborhoods! Our shelters are filled to overflowing because selfish people don’t care and don’t want to be bothered! I still mourn the loss of my cat, Boots. He died fighting for his life against a wild animal he got too close to; not by another cat! I didn’t keep him safe as an indoor cat. I neglected my responsibility for his life. Yes, we must care for our environment and our human neighbors in need. But we’re equally responsible for our 4-legged, furry friends! Our cats!

Linda Schaeffer