Cemetery needs some care

Recently I read an article saying the Montesano mayor was looking for moles in the city. Webster’s dictionary describes a mole as a spot on the skin or a burrowing animal. He will find neither of these at the city.

I would suggest he go to the Wynooche Cemetery. He will find all the moles he wants. If he goes after a mowing, he will think he is on a farm. The dirt piles left by the moles are all flat and look like a bunch of cow pies. On a dry day, the grass is scattered all over the stones with a thick path between the rows of stones. I wonder if the mayor or the council ever check on the crew they hire to do this job.

I was at four cemeteries in the county on Memorial Day and Montesano rated fourth on the list. What a disgrace!

I realize the city has bigger problems than cemetery care, however, as long as some of our tax money is going to the care, the care should be monitored.

In May I read in the 25 year ago news someone was complaining about the condition of the cemetery.

Seems nothing has changed.

Phyllis Piercey