Citizens should oppose Walmart expansion

In response to the May 5, article headlined “Walmart Appeal Dismissed” written by Steven Friederich of The Daily World, I think the citizens of the community need to come together and protest the expansion of Walmart and have the Port of Grays Harbor’s questionable sale of the waterfront property to Walmart investigated. If it wasn’t what the people of the community wanted then it shouldn’t have happened. The Constitution of the United States says, “We, the People.” It does not say, We, the government” or We, the big corporations.” It says We, the People” and if the people don’t want a “big box” store on their shoreline, then it shouldn’t be.

Walmart creates an illusion of the contribution it will bring to the communities it deceives. Walmart tells communities they will bring good jobs, low prices and reinvest in the community. Walmart destroys communities by creating low wage jobs, taking away good paying jobs, closing local businesses and taking away the community’s right to close Walmart down after residents see how Walmart has deceived them and how the “big box” store is destroying their community. People expect o be deceived by a big corporation like Walmart, but they don’t expect it from their community leaders.

Jessica Barber

Vancouver, Wash.

Former Aberdeen resident