City Hall said it could help; will it?

I find it interesting that the Hoquiam City Council passed a resolution opposing the county levy shift that amounted to an increased property tax to city residents. The resolution has no effect on this levy. The resolution does not reduce the county tax. This is just a ploy by Hoquiam officials to give the impression that they care about the amount of tax we all pay.

Hoquiam will be increasing our property taxes next year because of the library levy. Before, the library expenses were paid from taxes we paid to the city. When the library levy goes into effect, Hoquiam property owners will be paying an additional 34 cents per $1,000 of assessed property value.

When Hoquiam was promoting this library levy, Brian Shay said in The Daily World on Oct. 14, 2011, that it could result in higher taxes but the City Council could reduce the city tax by 34 cents to zero-out the new district tax. He was promoting this levy by implying that maybe this wouldn’t be a tax increase. The irony of Brian Shay promoting tax increases in Hoquiam is that he is paid by Hoquiam taxpayers and last year he buys a house in Montesano.

If our mayor, city administrator and City Council truly care about the huge tax burden imposed by the county, city and school district, they will offset the city tax by the 34 cents for the new library levy. The resolution they passed has no effect on the amount of tax we pay, but they can offset the city tax by the library levy if they care about the Hoquiam property owners. I am betting they will not reduce the city tax by the amount charged by the new library levy. I’m also betting that we will get another annual increase in our city utilities.

I have been criticized by someone from City Hall for writing letters to the editor, but guess what, we have free speech in this country and everything I have written has been factual.

Judy Reames