Climate change

I read the latest from the “Chicken Little” committee on climate change.

Seems like the temperatures last year were the highest since record-keeping began in 1895. But we human-induced climate change means much more than hotter weather. We must reduce human caused carbon pollution or suffer continuing devastation from extreme weather events so says Sen. Barbara Boxer D-Calif.

Obama can also ensure his legacy as a leader on climate change with new standards on power-plants and other actions (i.e.. taxes) to put America on course to a low-carbon future (i.e.. rate hikes).

The latest interglacial period began some 22,000 years ago when the glacial period, known as the Pleistocene Epoch started receding from where we now live and left us with the Great Lakes and other evidence, such as rock striations in New York’s Central Park.

Maybe, just maybe this so-called climate change is an “interglacial period” that began some 22,000 years ago of which there have been several in past geologic history, as evidenced by fossil records and current landforms. By the way, there weren’t too many humans around 22,000 years ago.

Jaen P. Henry

Ocean Shores