Coal: Let’s let this “opportunity” pass

Coal: Let’s let this opportunity pass

It’s not often I have such a visceral reaction to an article in the newspaper, but when I saw the headline in The Daily World, “Should county weigh in on coal?” my instant reaction was “NOOO! Why in the WORLD would we want to do that?”

I’ve learned to trust those visceral reactions because, once I examine the basis for them, I discover something important.

In this case, it’s the big picture that’s missing: the legacy we leave to our children and to future generations. We have plenty of information about what happens when we breathe coal dust or get it in our water here in the United States. Why do we think it won’t do the same in China or Australia or anywhere else? Are we naïve enough to think the air in China or the rain in Australia is somehow unrelated to us? Don’t we know the problems created there will come back to haunt us and our children and future generations? Do we think, “It’s not our problem, we’ll leave it to the Chinese and our own kids to sort out once we’re gone?”

I urge the federal, state, county, city and Port of Grays Harbor governments, to let this “opportunity” pass on by, leaving a legacy of clean air and water for future generations. Yes, including generations in other parts of the world.

Merry Jo Zimmer


Democrats crack us up

Democrats are funny. Aberdeen Mayor Bill Simpson endorsed Derek Kilmer for Congress, replacing Norm Dicks. Simpson believes Kilmer can “create family wage jobs.” Dicks was in Congress for a million years but failed to bring long-term, family wage jobs to Grays Harbor County. In fact, he and his environmental buddies killed jobs. Anyone heard of the spotted owl?

Dicks continues with the Wild Olympics. More timber jobs lost as it shuts down hundreds of square miles of logging. Never fear, people from Seattle will spend their weekends enjoying our wilderness where Grays Harbor workers can serve them as motel maids, bartenders, and restaurant workers. That is much better pay than timber work, right?

Dicks had seniority, political power, and his party was in charge much of the time. Did that help the 6th District? Except for occasional earmarks, NO! But by all means support Kilmer, who will enter Congress in the minority and with no seniority. Further, he will bring the same losing ideas to Congress.

Another funny Democrat is Vini Elizabeth Samuel. She endorsed Kilmer and claimed an unnamed opponent just wrote himself a $500,000 campaign check. First, where is her proof? Second, who is this unnamed candidate, which must be a Republican as only Republicans remain? Third, she accused this unnamed Republican with no proof, of doing something that was not illegal. He was using his own money, not taxpayer money. To throw out accusations without substantiation is gutter politics.

Jay Inslee resigned from Congress to run for governor. Now the State of Washington must have a million dollar election to replace him — for one month! Inslee took his federal campaign funds and transferred it to his gubernatorial campaign fund. He is supposed to seek permission from each donor, but has he? Is Ms. Samuel shocked by this or are these campaign tactics OK for Democrats?

Democrats are funny. Put them on the late show, but not in Congress or the governor’s office.

Ardean A. Anvik


Editor’s Note: Sixth District candidate Bill Driscoll, a Republican, has pledged $500,000 of his own money in his campaign to Congress. He discussed it in a story in The Daily World last week.