Commissioners made an ideological choice

Do our County Commissioners really have so little respect for our Prosecutor’s Office that they would appoint a prosecutor that they previously labeled unqualified, to run the office on a part time basis for a year? These guys sound like Tea Party Republicans whose goal is to tear down government services.

The framers of our state Constitution put much control of filling vacancies in office to the local political parties. In our county, the commissioners have shown that they have no problem ignoring the views of the parties if they don’t agree with their ideology. So if the local parties want their views respected, they have to be very creative and that’s exactly what happened here.

The commissioners say they only want a level playing field for the election next November, but as far as I know they don’t even know who will be in that race. Only one person has said she will definitely be a candidate and that person is also the most qualified to be our County Prosecutor.

I hope these guys quit whining and appoint Katy Svoboda to fill the temporary position of County Prosecutor. She’s worked in that office for 10 years and she’s now ready to serve our county as Prosecutor.

Richard M. Kivi



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