Cormier voter

Why re-elect Terry Willis for Grays Harbor County Commissioner? Hiring her 17-year-old granddaughter for a flagging job that she didn’t qualify for looks like favoritism when the Public Works department had to “create” a desk job to give her something to do.

Willis said she didn’t want to discriminate because the county has had a nepotism policy in place since 2010 that allowed her to hire her granddaughter with no issues. Voting in favor of this nepotism policy were commissioners Terry Willis, Mike Wilson and Al Carter. She makes no apology for not advertising the job opening to allow all students over 18 years old to apply.

The real discrimination is against all students that were excluded by the word of mouth policy.

Wes Cormier, her opponent, said “If I am elected … I will definitely re-write the code of conduct. I don’t think in a position of power should you be allowed to hire employees that are related to you.”

I agree, that’s just common sense.

The flood authority is another issue. First she was in the group then she was trying to form her own group. We need better, more tactful leadership!

Our new critical area ordinance moves development setbacks from 50 feet to 150 feet along rivers and streams but exempts farmers like Terry Willis. Where’s the fairness to tree farmers and residential homeowners? This agreement that Terry Willis negotiated looks discriminatory to everyone but the agricultural farmer.

Wes Cormier says on his website “How long until they (the environmentalists) demand we move buffers to 300 or 400 feet?”

Terry Willis says public safety is a high priority in her budget. It’s funny that courthouse security never made it into her first three budgets. Only after a recent scuffle in the courthouse hallway between Judge Edwards, a sheriff deputy and a criminal made TV news, did it ever become a priority. What about juror safety? How many of us were put at risk in her past budgets?

There’s two names on the ballot for Grays Harbor County Commissioner — District 1. I’m joining the 52.5 percent of voters in the primary who voted for Wes Cormier!

Frank Moses