Cosmo noise

At the Dec. 17 public hearing on Cosmo Specialty Fibers’ air operating permit, the Cosmopolis mayor and representatives from the Department of Ecology stated that Cosmo Specialty Fibers will be going above and beyond requirements by installing a noise muffler device this June.

I didn’t realize that following the law was “above and beyond” requirements.

Chapter 9.48 of the Cosmopolis Municipal Code states that manufacturing zones must not exceed 80 decibels during the day and 75 decibels at night.

Every Cosmopolis resident is familiar with the loud jet engine sound that is often emitted from Cosmo (yes, during the day and night). This sound has been measured from surrounding homes and ranges from 80-98 decibels.

I wonder if Cosmo has ever been cited for this excessive noise. My guess is no because it’s apparent that the city government is more concerned about the city’s economic health than the health of its citizens.

Ryan Graves