Crude by rail

The Daily World is doing a very poor job covering the crude-by-rail issue. Your editorials are tepid and important information is glossed over or not reported at all. You have a duty to your community to inform us about the two local rail bridges which are in perilous condition and the minimum of $25 million needed to repair the rail line and bridges before increased rail traffic of any kind is seriously considered. It is said the railroad wants public money to fund this!

The Devonshire Bridge in Montesano looks like corroded Swiss cheese, unsafe to walk across let alone haul many tons of freight on. A bridge in Hoquiam is in similar condition. Port officials act more like cheerleaders than leaders with a duty to ensure community safety.

The Vidette is doing a much better job of covering this issue and I encourage all to read it. And if Genesee & Wyoming Rail wants us to have “complete confidence” in their safe operations (per their full page PR effort), they need to stop stonewalling requests for information from local officials and concerned citizens.

Let’s get everything out on the table.

Claudia Woodward-Rice