Cuffel puts support behind two candidates

Cuffel puts support

behind two candidates

As I close out my years as a Pacific County Commissioner and look forward to retirement I would like to see someone take the office that shares my values. There are eight good candidates for two vacant seats. Two of those candidates, Frank Wolfe and Steve Rogers, have served the public sector in various ways and are well qualified to serve as commissioners. Steve Rogers has a long history as an educator and administrator in the public school system. My first contact with Steve Rogers came when he was recruited to serve on the Board of Directors for the Pacific County Historical Society and Museum. Steve’s energy, intelligence and leadership style has set the museum on a path for growth and financial stability far into the future. Steve is a community leader with a long history of involvement in civic organizations and well qualified for the job of County Commissioner from District No. 1.

Frank Wolfe is a retired Merchant Marine Officer and has seen a large part of the world and has always returned to what he considers the best place he has ever been. Frank has a bachelor of science degree from Oregon State University. Frank has served as a volunteer firefighter, EMT and training officer and has recently received the prestigious Governor’s Volunteer Service Award for his service in emergency communications. My first contact with Frank came many years ago through Ham radio. I have utilized Frank’s skills in several areas. He has served the county on the Board of Adjustment, the Pacific County Fair Board, and the Pacific County Housing Authority. Serving on these committees has given Frank Wolfe an opportunity to learn the skills necessary to fulfill the duties of county commissioner for District No. 2.

These two men will provide honest and ethical leadership for our county in these trying financial times. Please join me in supporting them.

Norman “Bud” Cuffel

Pacific County Commissioner