Debt spending

The Fiscal Cliff, Federal Government:

First of all there is no question the president won the election by planning on going over the created fiscal cliff as a winning strategy. The majority believe they are entitled to other’s money. The White House strategy is clear. Use the cliff as a scare tactic, to get the Republicans to fold their tent and provide Obama his real objective, get the debt limit completely eliminated. I say allow the president to drive over the cliff, short of the debt limit increase, Republicans should just vote present.

This idea that “rich” folks money should be taken to balance the budget, our federal government spends over $3.6 trillion a year, $1.6 trillion more than revenue, which is a rate of about $9.8 billion a day. It is estimated if you tax the “rich” at 100 percent of their income that would fund the federal government for less than a day. So we have a spending problem, not an income problem. So let the federal government drive over the cliff they created. Then let us pick up the pieces and get out of this mess. But I’m concerned we now have too many folks in America that are takers, and not doers.

State Government:

Thanks to our 19th District representatives: Hatfield, Blake, and Takko we are looking at a 2013-2015 biennium budget shortfall of $900 million, although there is a projected increase in state revenue the projected spending increases will exceed revenues (Freedom Foundation). Yes, these three Legislators also voted to raise our taxes, which we reversed in I-1185. They for sure will be supporting more spending in 2013-2015. How can the same people, who raised your taxes, be counted upon to fix the state fiscal problems and why did the majority vote for them again? It’s not in our legislators’ self interest to cut spending; they know if there is a “D” behind their name they are bullet proof. In Pacific County where majority of the voting block is government workers (retired and active), that directly benefit from overspending.

Pacific County:

In the past four years the average deficit spending is $30,953.

But, eventfully we reach a point where governments spending exceeds the entire GDP. Government creates debt, rich people create jobs. Want a job? Don’t eliminate the rich. Did you ever get a job from a poor person?

Ron Craig

South Bend