Decriminalize drugs

It’s time to restore sanity to our drug laws. We should decriminalize all drugs, but one at a time is better than nothing. Isn’t the example of prohibition of alcohol and today’s laws blatant enough proof of the futility of trying to legislate “correct moral choices?” Is there any drug that is unavailable to buyers now? No. Banning only stimulates criminal activity.

Alcoholism is an addictive problem to 5 percent of the population. A similar percentage would apply to most drugs. Totally banning any drug because of problems for 5 percent of the population is another reason the negatives exceed the positive results.

Right in our community some children barely into their teens are huffing spray paint fumes, stealing alcohol, tobacco and prescription drugs from family members. Why are they so ignorant of or indifferent to the harm they are doing to their still developing body and mind? If drugs were decriminalized and taxed like alcohol and tobacco there would be funds available to pursue answers to this and other acute mental heath issues.

Our misguided drug policies, plus the laws of supply and demand are a significant factor in the horrific deadly gang violence here and in our southern neighbors’ countries, especially Mexico and Colombia.

Do those who oppose decriminalization even acknowledge these facts?

Rosalyn Neet