Before I continue, I assure you my affinity for daily newspapers, fostered nearly nine decades ago by my grandfather reading the “big black words” each evening to me from The Lincoln State Journal will cause me not to unsubscribe to The Daily World. But, I am truly disappointed in your lack of news concerning any report of an outage last month affecting the citizens of Hoquiam and points north.

When the paper arrived that Tuesday eve, I immediately sat down to read one headline after another. No mention. I thought I had missed it some way and again turned one page after another, reading each headline only this time more slowly. Still no news, which I would call the information I was seeking. Oh, yes, plenty of articles on the political scene and the fire near Duffy’s and the usual in-depth sport coverage. I gave you a little compassion, maybe not enough time to get it ready for your printing in Lewis County.

I would wait until Wednesday when I went through the same scenario, scanning of the headlines, twice. Then to ease my disappointment, returned to page 4 to read my favorite columnist, Kathleen Parker. As always so good. But none of the facts I was seeking.

Do I have to believe the rumors and hearsay or could it be possible, had I dreamed my TV, computer, and phone were not on line to my home?

On the other hand had the local police requested you not to inform the public or possibly was it the huge corporation who provides us with the service, did not want us to know?

Mary E. Weed