Do the Democrats get a pass?

The war on women.

Todd Akin, the Republican running for a senate seat in Missouri, said that a woman’s body can shut down when being raped. Was that a dumb thing to say? Oh yes it was, but here’s the catch. If Joe Biden had said it the media would have said, “Uh, that’s just Old Joe,” but since he is a Republican he must go.

I rest my case on that one.

But guess who is going to be the keynote speaker at the Democrat convention — Bill Clinton. Why is Bill Clinton being held up as a roll model for women when all the charges of rape, being the the biggest cheater of all times on his wife Hillary, being disbarred from law practice for four years, not to mention the Monica Lewinsky scandal?

This is for all my Democrat pals out there.

If Mitt Romney had a resume like Bill Clinton would he get a pass from the media? There must be be one good Democrat out in my area that could set me straight.

Note: What’s up with President Obama channeling Bill Clinton? It will be interesting to see if the voters will buy Obama’s happy talk or be fooled two times. My guess is that the voters will vote for Clinton but President Obama will get the credit.

As for me, I will be voting for Mitt Romney who is qualified to be our next president.

Darcy Skaalrud Sr.