Do they know?

The mayors of our cities should be ashamed of themselves on their united decision to cut out the weekend service of the transit system.

If the mayor of Hoquiam doesn’t want people to leave his city on weekends, he should put a toll on the Hoquiam Bridge during the week for people shopping elsewhere. Plus, I guess he doesn’t want bus patrons to attend Loggers Playday.

Does the mayor of Westport know that cannery workers and fishermen depend on weekend service?

Do you know, mayor of Ocean Shores, that it’s too expensive for workers (who depend on the bus) to live in the city?

Do the merchants of Aberdeen realize the mayor is cutting weekend service to prevent thousands of bus patrons from shopping in the area?

Do they realize that people traveling on the weekend can’t reach the Harbor from Olympia? The same traveling to Olympia or points beyond are unable too.

Do the mayors understand the word service?

For these reasons I don’t understand why the mayors (not Hoquiam) are united in stopping weekend service. There are many ways to meet the budget by cutting the waste during the week.

And just so you know, recently on the 2:20 Saturday bus leaving Montesano that I was riding on, there was standing room only.

Patrick O’Connor