Do your homework

Learn the truth before you vote

As a retired senior citizen I now have time to research political candidates. At one time I voted for the best candidate regardless of political party. I can no longer do that. The Republican party has become too rigid and deceitful. It is their way or the highway! The country has too many serious problems that must be solved by parties working together.

I am pleased that the Democrats have excellent candidates who will work toward the “Common Good” not just for the so-called “job creators” who mostly create jobs that do not pay a livable wage to workers in this country nor in other countries, but do make huge profits for corporate executives and investors.

I urge everyone to take the time to educate yourselves and may the best candidates win, not just those with the most money, nor those who use courts to suppress votes, nor those who just out-and-out lie to get their way because they think the end justifies the means!

Sally Billings

Ocean Shores