Do your research

Lately I’ve been receiving political emails about the presidential election from my friends and relatives.

In addition some of my favorite radio and TV shows are constantly bombarding me with insipid and inane political ads.

One is from “Americans for Prosperity.” The actors that they hired to do this ad claim to have previously voted for Obama and now they have a change of heart because the president didn’t deliver what he promised them in 2008.

Mitt Romney’s name is not mentioned in the ad.

Do these partisan think tanks really believe that we’re stupid enough to take their hooks?

The falsehoods and flip-flopping of political candidates is generally vetted by the media for us. But guess what? In the age of cyber space we can also vet the identity of Super Packs and find out their hidden agendas by simply Googling them.

In my Google research under Wikipedia it turns out that “Americans for Prosperity” has been around for several years and their sole purpose has been to defeat Democrats and deregulate industry. These sneaky little ads with innocuous sounding patriotic names will be coming at us fast and furious for the next three months until the election. Even Steven Spielberg would be jealous of how well these Super Packs can spin a yarn and not tell us who they are or who they support. So I highly recommend that, if you own a computer, you research everything you get from your friends and relatives and also vet whatever you hear on the radio and TV. Better still, get some cotton and stick it in your ears and avert your eyes when hear these little gems from Super Packs. After all, if the presidential candidates are capable of standing up like men to articulate what they believe in, why do we need to listen to all the nonsense put out by Super Packs?

Jerry Taylor