A dock problem

My family has owned property on Lake Quinault and been a business owner and supporter of the Quinault Indian Nation for more than 30 years.

Anybody who has lived or spent significant time on this lake knows that the Quinault Indian Nation is the single worst offender when it comes to managing their docks. The Nation has more abandoned docks (from the fish hatchery) and materials that were used to build their docks (garbage) floating in the lake than all of the homeowners on the

lake put together.

I received a “notice to remove” for a dock that is close to my property but actually on the beach property that is owned by the National Park Service — dock that floated in about three years ago that says “owned by Quinault Indian Nation” right on it.

I will not be responsible for something that ended up close to my property due to the clear negligence of the Tribe. This Tribe (Fawn Sharp) is out of control and needs to do some self-assessment before they completely destroy the reputation of the Quinault Valley.

Joe DeLacruz (former Quinault chairman) would probably turn over in his grave if he knew how the current Nation is tearing down the relationships that he worked his entire life to build between the tribe and the “white” people whom he considered his friends.

Gabe Brannon