Don’t be fooled

“What you see is what you get!”

In today’s modern world of technology and fast-paced change what we are seeing is not always what we are getting. To call that progress is a short-sighted observation that has not given time to evaluate the quality of change — sometimes we may feel that as long as it is done with a pretty smile, a new APP and colorful words, then it must be good-to-go.

There is nothing new under the sun. People still have wants, needs and desires. They still feel loneliness, despair and rejection. We all also want to feel loved and appreciated, but is the music getting so loud today that we cannot hear or understand one another?

How many times have we been deceived by someone on social media? How many of us have been deceived by a loved one? How many of us felt deceived by a politician? How many of us have felt deceived by a boss or co-worker?

With the rapid acceleration in technology and rhetoric, what is the quality of America itself? We have been given so much but sometimes we may feel others take it for granted. We have all heard a sweet song and dance to find out there was no band really playing.

How many times have we been fooled by a wonderfully presented Power Point to discover the one that presented it was a snake-oil salesman? How many times have we been fooled by a boss who says they have to follow the rules but then turns around and breaks the rules? How many times have we been fooled by people who have used the latest politically-correct verbiage who were really wolves in sheep’s clothing? Are we still a perceptive society or fall for any song and dance?

They say life is a game and you have to play it to succeed. Hello! The game is broke! Our jobs have been outsourced. The family unit has been fragmented. Children have been given the same rights as adults (in some cases) like a baby being given the keys to the car with no driving lessons. And finally according to the Social Security office, they will have a shortfall over the next 75 years of $134 trillion dollars — let alone according to we are nationally at $16.5 trillion and counting.

We can turn this around but it will take time, patience and perseverance. We can succeed! We can overcome our past mistakes and misfortunes. We all can forgive one another for our ignorance and arrogance, but if we do not all learn in one way or another to be genuine and true, then the game is really over.

We all need to remember to watch people’s actions over their words. We should not give promotions or positions of power to those just for their colorfully-worded professional words but on their work ethic. Even little Red Riding Hood knew grandmother did not have the teeth of a wolf.

Jac Crater

Lake Quinault