Don’t blame the property owners

Don’t blame the property owners

Wow, so now all of a sudden we are going to clean up downtown Aberdeen with letters that threaten building owners and promise to tear down their buildings if they don’t comply. That will clean up Aberdeen all right.

Has anyone noticed that some of the property that formerly abated buildings sat on now are locations for Grays Harbor Transit and DSHS and some remain vacant lots with weeds and trash collecting on them? Those locations, by the way, are sitting on some pretty prime retail locations.

Super intelligence was used to locate non-productive government building/facilities on prime retail locations where private sector jobs and tax revenue sources might have been located instead.

In Tuesday’s paper, the article titled “Mayor wants to target derelict buildings downtown” looks to me like a knee jerk reaction to the D&R closing, taking a letter writing approach to action in lieu of actually taking action. The mayor says that transients camping out in the vestibules of downtown buildings are untouchable because they are on private property. Yet in the same article it is reported that these transients are peeling back plywood and breaking into the old Morck Hotel.

Well, last time I checked breaking and entering is against the law. So start arresting the bums.

The mayor is quoted in the article as saying “I’m just getting tired of run-down buildings and of transients living downtown.” If you really are tired of them living on the streets of Aberdeen and you make it difficult for them to live on the streets of Aberdeen by enforcing some of the many laws that are already on the books then they might get tired of Aberdeen and move on!

The story in the paper seems to be primarily about the transients living on the streets, but the city seems to be blaming the building owners and their derelict buildings for those transients being there, instead of its own inability to deal with the issue itself.

Bruce Daniels