Don’t blame Republicans

My name is Jim Walsh. I’m the committeeman representing Grays Harbor County to the Washington State Republican Party.

I’ve read a lot of whining in these pages about the County Commission’s recent appointment of Vini Samuel as County Prosecutor until the next election.

Ms. Samuel was one of three people nominated by the local Democrat Party, following the law and tradition of our state.

The controversy over her appointment is really just inside-the-Democrat-Party politics. Some Democrats preferred another person for the appointment, but that person didn’t get enough support from local Party officials, so he wasn’t included on the three-person list. That’s not great for the county, but it’s old-fashioned Democrat Party politics.

Instead, the Democrats put two nominees on their list who were not actually interested in the County Prosecutor job. “Offensive line” the Democrats called these nominees. A fitting description, because many people on the Harbor are offended by such political game-playing.

Now, some Democrats are trying to blame their games on the Republican members of the County Commission.


If their “offensive line” gambit backfired, the Democrats have only themselves to blame.

The GOP doesn’t have a horse in this race. But we will next fall.

Finally, some of the letter-writers who’ve nonsensically tried to blame “the Republicans” for Ms. Samuel’s appointment are officials of the Grays Harbor Democrats. They don’t identify themselves as such. More political games. As a service to readers, The Daily World should identify these letter-writers as interested parties to the controversy.

Jim Walsh



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