Don’t like the court’s ruling; do something about it

So, the Supreme Court has let stand the train wreck called the American

Healthcare Act commonly known as Obamacare!

Am I disappointed and angry? Yep, very.

Am I surprised? Nope.

Do I believe that Obamacare is defeatable? Yep, absolutely!

This is not what I want to leave for my child and grandchildren!

It is not what we as a country were founded on nor was it the intent of the

framers of the Constitution.

This bill is not about healthcare, it never has been. It’s about taxes and


Two hundred and thirty nine ago a few of our ancestors got together and threw some tea off three ships in

Boston Harbor. The colonies had had enough of English rule and taxation

without representation. The tea tax was the straw that broke the camel’s back!

The single act of throwing some tea overboard, in essence started the chain

of events that lead to the Revolutionary War and our independence. So, here

we are today, heavily taxed and our elected office holders not representing

anyone but special interest groups and themselves.

This is true at all levels of government. At the federal level, of course

there is Obamacare. Two examples of non- representation at the local level is

the Grays Harbor County commissioners signing away our property rights in the

revised critical areas ordinance and some of the mayors in the county banding

together, pushing to create a road and street district that is just another

taxing authority.

Well, the straw that broke the camel’s back has been found once again and it

is up to “We The People” to right the ship once again!

For anyone who agrees that Obamacare should be repealed, I say this, get

engaged and get active. If you want to get involved and don’t know what to

do, attend the Grays Harbor Republicans’ next meeting, July 10 at 5:30 at the

PUD Nichols Building in Aberdeen and find out how.

Engagement can be as simple as

insuring that you and all family members are registered to vote (and then

vote anyone who voted for Obamacare out of office) or as complex as running

for office. Most of us are somewhere in between. I challenge everyone to

attend and fill the room! You can also visit our website at and our blog at

Can we win? Yes, I believe we can! It won’t be easy and will take all of us,

but I believe We The People will prevail and keep the government out of our

homes, doctors’ offices and ultimately our wallets!

Bruce Daniels