Don’t take our guns

During the 20th century, something in the order of 262 million people were killed by their governments after they were disarmed. The process is called democide. Far more people were killed by democide than war.

Obama has made it clear he wants an internal security force that is stronger, more powerful, and better funded than our military. (Read brown shirts, Gestapo, KGB, Red Guard, Pol Pot). In order to accomplish this, he must disarm the American people. That is why he is currently so mad about losing the gun confiscation bills in the Senate.

Obama has called the NRA and supporters “liars.” Let’s discuss that just a bit.

Just three months ago he placed his hand the Lincoln Bible and before hundreds of millions of people swore an oath to uphold the Constitution, which includes the “Bill of Rights.” Then he got up yesterday and falsely claimed the gun legislation does not violate the 2nd Amendment. Obama is an oath breaking liar who should be impeached.

“Infringed,” from the Second Amendment, means to tamper with in any way. If one day I can buy a firearm without registering the sale, and the next day I need to register the sale, someone has infringed on my rights.

It is interesting to note that every one of those governments involved in democide was a socialist government. The Democrat Party is totally socialistic at this point, so democide is an appropriate name for what Obama has in mind.

The Second Amendment is not about Newtown, Conn. It is about Ruby Ridge, and Waco, Texas, where far more innocent children and adults were murdered by Bill Clinton.

Ron Armstrong