Enough “blind allegiance”

One of the problems that face us today is the apparent blind allegiance Democratic and Republican members give to the decisions made by their leaders.

I normally expect that the Republican Party is the party of the employers and the Democratic Party is the party of the employees. The Republican Party has done a superior job in its goals as shown by the CEO salaries have risen from about 50 times the wages of their employees to about 500 times the wages of their employees. The Democratic Party has splintered its effort away from the employees to things that have no clear solutions such as global warming, energy apparently without using oil or coal, and divisive social issues.

Neither party seems to want serious conversations about how to solve some of the major problems that face our country. The federal budget cannot be balanced by just cutting programs. We do need more income. Large corporations and banks continue to invest in the stock market and not government bonds where we would be owing ourselves instead of someone else. Corporations could get along with smaller (or no) tax breaks. People with high personal income could be paying a larger percentage of their taxable income. When I was in high school they were paying 75 percent on taxable income over $100,000 (that was over 50 years ago). Now the maximum rate is 35 percent. The Republicans say they need a continuation of the current tax reductions so that they will have more to invest in creating jobs. However, the cuts have been in place for several years and the job growth has been very slow while the Federal debt has continued to grow.

The Democrats have resisted new exploration and drilling for oil in spite of their claim of wanting to cease dependence on foreign oil. One of the given reasons for not drilling is environmental concerns. Similar concerns were given when the Alaska pipeline was envisioned. The pipeline would hinder migrations and wildlife would be lost. The caribou have continued to migrate and some animals survived the harsh winters by getting close to the warm pipeline.

Without going into great detail about the main problems I have with each party besides their “blind allegiance” is that the Republicans tend to selfishly hold on to their own wealth with little or no apparent concern of others. The Democrats seem to spend an inordinate amount of resources, time and energy on things that have little bearing on a person’s livelihood.

During this election time I hope that we have candidates who can and will think for themselves in a reasonably logical manner in reference to the problems that they will be facing on our behalf.

Jim Leggett