Equal rights are a step down for women

Always being prideful of being an American and working to preserve this country, I see that strong families are the key. Think of what’s needed to preserve our country as a three legged stool — God, family and country.

Women have never in my lifetime been treated with the respect they deserved or cherished the way Christianity meant them to be. A former chaplain of the United States Senate made a point about their achievement of equal rights.

Women, he said, became emancipated with Christianity. Women for the first 1,900 years of Christianity were not equal, they were superior. Women were thought to be made of finer clay and were revered, protected and loved, but the 20th Century pulled her down from her throne and she now has achieved her equal rights.

Women have the right to work like a man, to smoke, to get drunk like a man, to curse, to laugh at and tell smutty jokes. They have won all of that but should they feel triumphant?

Poets and writers have became immortalized by describing a girl’s smile, her hair in sun light and so on, but we have never heard man brag about how his sweetheart laughs at a dirty joke or how beautiful she is with a cigarette in her mouth or how she can drink more than a man.

We have in this country all lost since women have received their equal rights. Men are not as romantic as their grandfathers, we have lost control of our families to the government and marriage is sure not what it once was.

The words of Winston Churchill and William Penn respectfully come to mind. “America will eventually do the right thing after they have exhausted all other alternatives” I hope Mr. Churchill’s words our still true! “If you’re not ruled by God you’re controlled by tyrants” these words of Mr. Penn I am sure are still true!

Parents are not even consulted in this state before their minor daughter is given an abortion thanks to those in our state government!

Hugh Fleet

South Bend