Eternal questions

Most of us listen to the evening news. Violence, scandals, politics and sporting events. And again, the citizens of Seattle are planning to waste millions of dollars on another sports team and another expensive stadium they don’t need. Yet, there is little, or nothing (except at Christmas time) about the plight of starving children, the homeless and those who have no resources to get even the very basic needs.

Where are the hearts for humanity? Wouldn’t those funds be better spent helping our neighbors in need? Why is the child on the street begging for food, because his selfish parents spent their last dollars on drugs and/or alcohol? Why do we allow the murder of babies on abortion tables? Why aren’t those monsters who use and abuse children and exploit women in the “sex trades” being stopped and prosecuted? Isn’t anyone disgusted by the flagrant flaunting of the homosexuals’ lifestyles? (This has nothing to do with “equal rights,” as so stated by our President in his Inaugural Address.)

What a blessing it is to see how this community has rallied together to help those in need who live here! The generosity of so many, some of which “gave anyway,” as a sacrifice, because they simply care! Perhaps the folks in Seattle need to do some soul-searching. On Judgement Day, they all must explain why they ignored their responsibilities. By then, no one is given a choice where they will be spending eternity … it’ll no longer be theirs to make. Thank you, members of our community, for your loving concern for others! May God’s light continue to shine in all hearts!

Linda Schaeffer