Ex-commissioner endorses Bjorjen

I’m writing to the people of Grays Harbor County to let you know that I’m voting for Thomas Bjorgen for the Court of Appeals.

It can sometimes be confusing when you aren’t familiar with candidates for important offices and I hope my endorsement of Tom will be helpful to you.

I’ve known Tom for over 30 years and consider him not only an outstanding person to become judge but also a good friend. As a Grays Harbor County Commissioner I had several opportunities to work with Tom in his role as Thurston County Deputy Prosecutor. Since those old days he’s gone on to gain experience in many aspects of public law including state government, the Legislature and local government. Tom Bjorgen has more than 30 years of legal expertise, and I know him to be extremely fair and thoughtful as an individual.

I hope you’ll join me in voting for Tom Bjorgen for Judge on the State Court of Appeals.

Mike Murphy

Former Grays Harbor County Commissioner