Fact check

This letter is in response to Linda Schaeffer’s Feb. 6 letter to the editor, “Eternal questions.” I understand the caring about children who are homeless and starving. What I do not understand is what money she expects to be given to them. She thinks that the city of Seattle is somehow paying for the NBA to return, and for the new arena being constructed for the team to play in. Maybe she should check her facts before she writes a letter that makes her look ignorant and uneducated about the situation. Chris Hansen and his group of investors are paying for the team with their own money, and the arena will be paid for by this group and taxes that are generated from the arena’s profits. In no way is the city of Seattle or the public just doling out money that could be used for better purposes. So maybe Ms. Schaeffer should check her facts next time.

Kris Basil