Facts, please

Concerning the front page story in the Feb. 26 Daily World — I must admit that I truly feel sorry for Hoquiam resident, Kevin Gavalis.

This poor fellow is an Evergreen State College student, and as such, has been subjected to the worst possible lack of education. He has been propagandized by the best until common sense and reason have been completely lost to him.

Clearly, some people have been intimidated by him, and I can certainly understand why. First, there is no rational thought to his position. Secondly, he so emotionally involved he cannot distinguish fact from fiction.

To begin with, “environmental science” is an oxymoron. “Science” is repeatable and provable. “Environmental science” falls far into the realm of strict emotion.

I would suggest to Kevin that he start reading some scholarly papers from scientists that disagree with him. He might just learn something for a change.

The basic problem we have with environmental extremists is their lack of understanding of the ability of natural processes to clean up virtually anything humans do and just how puny man is, compared to those processes.

A frequent contributor to the paper, and the antithesis of Kevin, is Randy Dutton, who researches and presents facts to support his arguments. Kevin just has no facts. No one is thwarting his First Amendment rights, he’s using them irresponsibly to intimidate other people.

Ron Armstrong