A few suggestions

This is just a shot in the dark for all of those politicians out there who still may listen to the people. We live in interesting times to say the least. I propose the following ideas to helping clear the air in politics and life. Here are my ideas:

First of all I ask that there be term limits on all public positions of power. I state two terms in the max — this would go in step with the 22nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution for president that is already on the books.

My next idea is to dissolve all bills presented in legislation that contain “riders;” bills should stand on their own merit and contain neither language nor additions that do not directly relate to the bill on hand.

Thirdly, I ask that we expunge the Federal Reserve which is in violation of Article I, Section 8 — Clause V of the United States Constitution; also, before dissolving the Fed, I plead for a complete and comprehensive audit of the last 100 years of its existence — which has never been done!

Fourth, there should be a “Balanced Budget Amendment” to all state and federal constitutions; also, all entities of public power must present a budget three months before the next fiscal year.

The fifth item I present is a “flat tax” for all citizens of this country. I believe this would streamline and make tax codes much more understandable and fair to any and all.

The last idea I humbly lay before my public officials, who I hope are still working for their fellow citizens — in what I believe is the best country the world has ever seen — I ask that the 1974 “No-Fault” Divorce Law be dissolved. I ask this to make marriage an institution that creates strong families and does not allow people to leave because they are just bored or do not want to work at their commitment they pronounced in front of their friends and family in public. Let’s show our kids we will work at things we commit to!

I hope that Mr. Smith in Washington or Olympia is still listening. If they have the time, I would ask them to kick any and all lobbyists out of the public forum and place special interest minions into a permanent moratorium — let the people, not business or unions, try and high-jack. “United We Stand, Divided We Fall!”

Jac Crater

Lake Quinault