Firefighters need the tools to protect our history

The 7th Street Theatre Board supports the Hoquiam Fire Department levy to purchase a new ladder truck and urges Hoquiam voters to vote “yes” on the levy.

The 7th Street Theatre installed a monitored fire alarm system in 2011 to protect the extensive restoration work that has been done at the theater, as well as the safety of people in the building.

In the event of a fire at the theater, it is likely that a ladder truck would be needed due to the height of the building. It would be terrible if the fire department received notice of a fire through our new monitoring system but did not have the equipment needed to respond adequately. There are several other multi-story historic buildings in downtown Hoquiam that would also most likely require the use of a ladder truck in the event of a fire.

We believe that a ladder truck is a necessary piece of equipment for the Fire Department to respond to fires in multi-story buildings like ours and urge Hoquiam voters to support the ladder truck levy.

Ray Kahler

President, 7th Street Theatre Association