With friends like Trump, who needs …

We, the people in this country, want to see strength and consistency in our presidential candidates. Ronald Reagan and John Kennedy had those qualities.

In this election Mitt Romney was given bad advice by his team on policy because he tended to sway with the wind. But, he also made the mistake to allow such surrogates as Donald Trump and others to spin untruths about Obama. I believe we’re all independent thinkers and we all can see through smoke screens. So, if Romney had fired Donald Trump and distanced himself from Trump, I would have said to myself “now there’s a real man (Romney) and I’m going to listen to him. But, considering what we all know about people like Trump (that he’s just an actor and a bit of a clown), it gave me pause to think that Romney could embrace such a person in his campaign.

That’s just one example. Neither Reagan nor Kennedy would have accepted such foolishness. The voters aren’t stupid when it comes to small-minded attacks on the other guy, and our candidates must have integrity for us to pay attention to them and call them “presidential.” During the Republican debates this year, there was one candidate named Jon Huntsman who was well spoken and looked very presidential. I thought to myself “now there’s a man who’s smart, middle of the road, a force to be reckoned with, consistent, and by the way, he also speaks fluent Chinese.” Within a few short weeks he was gone after his comment during the debates when he exclaimed “Call me crazy, but I trust the science on evolution and climate change.” That comment was a political “no no” for being accepted into the conservative right wing of the party. Consequently, if the Republican Party ever wants to retake the White House soon or anytime in the future, just hire me and pay me the billion dollars they spent on this election! I’ll show them how to be consistent and that integrity does matter when it comes to “We the People” electing our next president!

Jerry Taylor