Fundraiser for aid dog was a success

Thanks to everyone who turned out for Skeeter’s fundraiser at the Westport Winery on June 3. Thanks to the Roberts for allowing us to use their lovely grounds and to the winery staff for their support. Thanks also to Deb Blake for her expert dog wrangling!

We also want to thank every person who stopped by, whether to get their pooch a portrait or to simply put cash in the can. In two hours we photographed 25 dogs and received $2,471 in donations! Thanks also to those who’ve mailed donations and contributed electronically to Skeeter’s fund at Willapa Veterinary Service.

Skeeter is an assistance dog who needs surgery that the family can’t afford. Originally, our goal for the surgery was $1,620. Recently, it was determined that Skeeter needs more intense surgery than first expected. When all of the donations were tallied and we were still a bit short, HAVA came through with the final $300 to put us over the top. Thanks HAVA! A special thank-you, too, to Barb Aue for getting the information in the South Beach Bulletin.

Marcy Merrill