A future leader

May I say, “thank you” to Savannah Dilley, for her Oct. 28 letter to the editor about patriotism. As citizens, all of us should applaud her grasp of its meaning, and the importance of working in an attitude of true patriotism.

She said: “Patriotism is where someone gives their life for their country or they show that they care for their country.” And that, “… it’s not only fighting.” How right she is: Bless her! A true patriot is one who is willing to defend this nation at all costs, and lends helping hands to neighbors in need.

And this wonderful girl has demonstrated a genuine interest and concern for local government and how it works. We need fresh, intelligent young minds like hers — ones who care deeply where this nation is headed. I dare say there is a position of leadership in your future, dear young lady!

I salute you! And as always, God bless America!

Linda Schaeffer