Get the help where help is needed

I have written to Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell with no response. So I’m asking you — why can’t we have our picture on our food stamp (EBT) card? In my line of work I have seen people give their card and pin number to people for food in return for money. This was going on when it was paper.

It would be different if it was a family member or a care provider. They could show a handwritten note and a phone number from the card holder just for the sake of honesty. Also why does a drug addict or an alcoholic get more benefits than a senior citizen? They get money, food stamps, Medicaid and rehab. They choose to be the way they are. But they get special treatment. They don’t even put anything into our country like the seniors have or a person in the military who fights for our country. Why is it so easy for them to get help?

Seniors get cut on Medicaid benefits such as dental and vision care. Maybe I’m old fashioned but help used to be there for the seniors not for the abusers.

From a low income senior who needs teeth and glasses.

Rose Shriver