Get informed about sexual exploitation

Recent headlines follow the brutal story of modern day sex slavery of the three young women in Ohio.

This week, we rejoice to see their U-Tube messages of continued hope and recovery.

But, how many others are being targeted daily by predators? They are after our children, targeting age 12-14!

How can we stop this?

One way is to become informed.

It is happening, even in so-called good families and neighborhoods.

Portland is a huge hub!

An excellent organization bringing facts to light is Shared Hope International in Vancouver, Wash. Every school, every teacher, parent and student need to see their video called, “Chosen.” It is an eye-opening account of a young girl unknowingly being “shopped” by a trafficker who pretends to be her boyfriend. He preys on her vulnerabilities.

For details, go to and get informed!

Help spread the word to others! Get involved to save young lives!

Jill Lagergren