GOP poster was “predictable”

The Grays Harbor Republican Parth booth at this year’s county fair was full of candy, balloons, flash and splash, but little substance. The “Target Practice” game was an example of precooked Central Party gear popping up at functions all across the country. What exactly was the message intended?

Making the excuse “No actual animals were injured” shows the group to be the Eddie Haskell of American politics. “Gosh, Mrs. Cleaver, we aren’t suggesting little Theodore aim a gun at the President!” They attempt to minimize the activity as harmless because Nerf guns are used, but the symbolism is well understood.

The poster and shooting game are less offensive than sadly predictable. The Republican Party does not value individual thinking. They have become a tribe of parrots, all drinking from the same tea pot. What is truly offensive about today’s Republican Party is the highjacking of the legislative process and the lack of action directed toward any of the real issues facing the nation.

There are good and decent people in the Grays Harbor Republican Party. They should start thinking for themselves.

Robin Moore