GOP poster wasn’t precooked

In Robin Moores’ Aug. 13 letter to the editor, “GOP poster was predictable” Robin clearly stated that the Republican booth was candy, balloons, flash and splash, but little substance. And the “Target Practice” game was an example of precooked Central Party gear popping up at functions all across the country.

What exactly was the message intended?

Now Robin, you have probably read my letters and know my propensity for facts, and your opinion no matter how strong it is, will not change the fact that the “Target Practice Game” is not precooked, is not central party gear and is not popping up all over the country. The poster was designed by my son in law, not by “the central party” nor was it precooked! It is also the only poster of its kind in the country! We own it and it’s not for sale!

There are the facts, and opinions don’t and can’t change facts!

And since when does a kids game at a county fair have to contain a damn message or display symbolism or have substance — it’s a game for crying out load?

That’s bovine excrement sandwich!

The fair, especially for kids, is all about having fun. You obviously didn’t have fun, but you should let the kids have fun. Next year, we, the nasty Republicans, will be back with bigger, better and more fun stuff to “insult” you with so be prepared to complain again!

Bruce Daniels