Gordon supporter

It is truly disheartening when in this day and age one feels the need to smear another candidate when one has no actual experience or merit to run on, and he feels he needs to make the other candidate look bad to make himself feel better. This is exactly what Allan Shores has been doing with his ads in The Daily World and The Vidette against Frank Gordon.

I am offended by the headline clear and present danger used in connection to the other candidate, meaning Frank Gordon. Frank is the most honest hardworking trustworthy man I know. He has worked hard for the past 40 plus years to build the business he has on this Harbor. Those of us who have the pleasure of calling ourselves Frank’s friends know what this county means to him, and that everything Frank has done to be a voice for us is done for our betterment, to make things work and run the way they should for all of us who live here — not just for a select few. I believe Mr. Shores is running scared. He knows he truly has no experience to back up his campaign so using lies to sway peoples’ votes is his only chance to make people who may not know what kind of a man Frank is have a second thought about voting for him in November.

If you ask me the only “clear and present danger” we have is possibly thinking about giving someone like Allan Shores our votes, putting that kind of a person who has to run a smear campaign in a position of power to be used as a puppet for the good old boys with all the money who have controlled this county too long and have made decisions for the betterment of themselves and surely not for the best interests of the people who live and work in this county. That’s why it is so important that we cast our votes in this election Nov. 6th for Frank Gordon.

Frank has the experience to lead this community where it needs to be going. He has worked for himself for more than 40 years, making the right choices at the right times in an economy that is so tough yet able to keep his family and the families of his employees going in tough times. I have personally witnessed him and Pat using their own money to make sure the boys who work for him and their families do not go without. This speaks volumes for the kind of people they are and the kind of man he is and what he will do for us if elected as county commissioner.

I hope Allan Shores is wrong and people really do see through his attempts to deface Frank Gordon, and that we all realize it truly is time for a change and that change undoubtedly is no other man but Frank Gordon.

Please show him we are smarter than he thinks we are and vote for Frank Gordon for county commissioner district No. 2.

Brenda Blue