Government jobs

We have all heard the president saying the rich need to pay their fair share. Well, in Pacific County, who are the rich?

Looking at the latest Census data for Pacific County, you may be surprised. The wages received, which the president wants to tax: The highest income group is well … government workers. What? There are 53 government agencies in Pacific County which represents the largest (31 percent) of the entire work force (1,844 employees), and 45 percent of the entire wages paid, $78,704,136. That is an average of $42,681 per employee. The per capita dollars/person wage in Pacific County is $30,403.

If you add the benefits the average government worker gets, the net result is the average government worker is costing us about $57,619 to $59,753. Most of the non-government workers have no- to- very limited benefits.

You don’t need to be a math major to realize this is not fair. Nationally, this is the same trend; government workers make twice the income of those who support them.

So what is the solution? For sure you don’t take away money from the government workers, but turn the private system loose with less regulations, which will allow that group to create wealth. A rising tide raises all ships.

Today these 53 government agencies in Pacific County are busy developing rules and regulations that kill the private sector. This creates debt, and loss of private sector jobs.

We have many government workers that can retire after as little as 20 years of service and get retirement and full benefits for the remainder of their life, and then go to work for another government agency and get wages and benefits. This is why our retirement system in this state and other states are broke.

But, state Sen. Brian Hatfield, Rep. Brian Blake and Rep. Dean Takko are the government workers champions’ and keep voting for more benefits.

Stay tuned, coming soon to you will be specific examples of junior taxing districts that are providing 233 percent increases to employees, on your nickel.

So who’s the rich in Pacific county? Yap, it’s government workers.

Ron Craig

South Bend