A greater need

This is an open letter to the group of gentlemen planning to buy that ball club from out of state. I truly believe that God has something else in mind for all of those dollars you planned to use to purchase that club and build another sport’s stadium!

There is such a great need, right there, in each of your communities. People, especially children, are going to bed hungry. Whole families reside in alleys and under bridges, on the streets of your beautiful Seattle! I know. The unwashed public is found repulsive to see. But it is out of your society that these poor souls are left wanting, because they have suffered hardships you can’t even imagine. Sometimes, it’s a mistake in judgment. But many are out there through no fault of their own!

You are indeed blessed with an abundance of resources, free to come and go, to do whatever your heart desires. Isn’t it time for you to give back some of your blessings to some of these who are in such need? To you, much is given and much is required! Everyone in every community has a responsibility to share what they have with others who don’t have. Our Lord said: “When you do for the least of these, you do if for me … to me.” He searches the world over looking for ones such as you to “feed His sheep … to clothe the naked … take care of widows and orphans …”

May He till the soil of your hearts filling them with compassion and love for all of your neighbors!

Linda Schaeffer