Gun debate

In response to Patrick Wadsworth’s Jan. 17 letter to the editor — Congratulations for injecting a dual inanity into the gun control debate: Franklin D. Roosevelt, patron saint of Democrats, and Canada.

Too bad he didn’t dip an oar into the ocean of “ridiculous distorted cry/ies” on the topic from James Madison, Thomas Paine, Richard Henry Lee, George Mason, Alexander Hamilton, Noah Webster and Thomas Jefferson, to name a few.

And “Government is not the problem. Fear is.” Where the heck did you come up with that one? Schulz? Matthews? Maddow?

How ‘bout: “Men that are above all fear, soon grow above all shame. There is no evil under the sun but what is to be dreaded from men, who may do what they please with impunity.” — Thomas Gordon, Cautions against the natural Encroachments of Power, 1721.

Kristine Lowder