Guns, climate control — what’s the problem?

The recent shooting of seven people in Milwaukee on Oct. 21 brings up a point of order about the presidential election. Neither Mitt Romney nor Barack Obama will bring up the subject of gun restrictions. That’s because of the sensitive votes from the gun lobby in swing states. They are also avoiding climate and environmental questions in their debates. That’s because they don’t want to anger the drill, drill, drill crowd.

Romney talks big about oil, gas, nuclear and coal, but says nothing about regulating the pollution caused by these over time. It seems as if solar energy and electric cars have been scrapped for now due to companies like Solyndra and battery manufacturers going broke recently. Nevertheless, using up all our resources in a few short years seems to be the order of the day, despite warnings of environmental doom ahead for our children that’s coming from the scientific community. The Me Generation is back now that “jobs” is the order of the day in this election.

The recent mass shootings in Colorado and Milwaukee will not influence the candidates to discuss those events. The gun lobby will continue to say “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” even though we all know that people with guns kill people, not people sporting swords and knives. As far as the environment goes, it would take massive droughts, melting ice caps and mass extinction of species from climate change for these two candidates to admit that man is responsible for environmental damage to the earth. In their heart of hearts they may believe in gun restrictions and human induced climate change, but they’ll never have the guts to say so because in the end they’re looking for that one precious vote that will put them over the top to win this election.

Jerry Taylor