Guns: A subject we shouldn’t be afraid to talk about

In his Jan.8, letter to the editor, Stanley R. Severson wrote about the rock of freedom, the Second Amendment and fear of government oppression should we not all pack semi-automatic weapons with large capacity magazines.

Rock of freedom? Where the heck did you come up what that one? Limbaugh, Savage, O’Reilly?

You fear the Second Amendment is going to be violated, or the big bad government will come to get us if we don’t arm ourselves. We have heard this ridiculous distorted cry too many times. The discussion is about putting limits on semi- automatic assault weapons with large capacity magazines. The American people want to talk about this.

I am not anti-guns, and have owned guns most of my life. I grew up in Montesano and started hunting at 12 years old. I am not afraid of guns or that the government may come to get our guns. In my opinion the very notion that anyone would think they could fight off even the police department, with an assault weapon, is ridiculous. In Canada there are restrictions on semi-automatic weapons. Their citizens still own guns, still vote and still have a voice. It is time to put away this fear of government and talk about issues. We the people are the government and we must always remember to be vigilant about staying involved in it. As Franklin D. Roosevelt put it in his inaugural address “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

Stanley, you should fear the hate mongers preaching their fear from the pulpit. Fear the crazy-eyed radio talking heads preaching fear and hatred from the monopolized media industry. It is time to put away the fear of government and talk about real issues. Government is not the problem. Fear is!

Patrick Wadsworth