Has the ship already sailed?

Has the ship sailed?

Finally, an article on climate change in the local paper from the powers that be and the experts saying that “yes” our weather is reflecting major changes. I do remember our local Grays Harbor gurus saying it wasn’t true! Regardless of what or who is responsible, it is changing.

First, fingers pointed at the industrial revolution, now our entire solar system is recording “hot spots.” We don’t “spew” greenhouse gases or drive SUVs on the other planets. So what’s really up? We as humans have been on this planet a relatively short time in relationship to planetary cycles. Life forms come and go, even the dinosaurs life span of millions of years was less destructive to their house the Earth and they finally ceased to exist. We have not been the best thing to happen to this planet and its other life forms. We have been “predators” on almost all levels. We have over populated, consumed, polluted and destroyed with little reverence our mother space ship Earth. Not that long ago we arrogantly thought the Earth was “flat” and that we were special in some god’s eye. We were drug around by superstitious “fairy tales,” religious claptrap and patriotism as justification for wars, suppression of the masses and acts of barbarism. And oh yes we still think we are superior, but to what? Is it the life forms we consume? Or the other humans we kill or make war on? Are we really superior to the forests we rape and burn? Or the seas that we pollute and dump our garbage into? All in the name of “business as usual.” We may have missed the “boat” on this one guys!

We all took a chance on this 3D reality, on a “jewel” of a planet in a remote part of the galaxy and it looks as though we have failed miserably to evolve into the stewards or shepherds we could have been. We are still scrambling for 3D survival in a multidimensional expression of consciousness. It leaves me wondering if “sheeple” notice the weather patterns of the bigger picture?

Meta Earthling

North River