Help the helpers

I received a call at our school out of the blue recently. It was Joe Cornell. He and his lovely wife, Bev, are the masterminds behind the organization called Making a Difference for Grays Harbors Kids.

He was calling to ask if we could use glue sticks. He apologized profusely for not having other supplies to offer our school children. He explained to me that they did not have much to offer due to serious medical issues with Bev over the last year. Normally, they have enough supplies to assist most schools for at least 100 children. What they do not get in donations or monetary supplements, they fund from their personal resources. This year was a tough one. With Bev’s issues, they could not fund their project and relied solely on the donations given to them. With that, many schools were not the recipients of the needed supplies they count on every year. Many kids start school without the essentials needed to make school enjoyable.

I was fortunate to see their small supply of coats and clothing they have been collecting so far. In comparison to what they normally are able to give, they stated the racks were not nearly as full as they hoped for this time of year.

Bev and Joe have been assisting area kids for roughly 35 years with school supplies, winter clothing and sometimes complete outfits so they can have a great beginning to their school year. It started out with 10-15 kids, and has blossomed to every school up and down Grays Harbor. They help schools as far north as Queets-Clearwater, east to McCleary and south to North River. Some of the donations come from as far away as Olympia; however the majority are from our local businesses. They even deliver using their own vehicle and gas.

People like this need to know that the local businesses and community are in support of their efforts.

Please help them by paying it forward. Any donation could help a student. You can reach them at 360-532-7941.

Jody Potter, Business Manager

Queets-Clearwater School