Helping hands needed

Recently, I had the privilege of meeting Jim and Joanne Coker, who work tirelessly as volunteers, at “Heart and Hands Care Center” — a nonprofit organization, helping women and young girls who are pregnant. Many are considering abortion and come out of abusive relationship with “partners” and families. The center’s theme is “pro-life.” Help is available, with other options.

Not long ago, these gentle, caring souls suffered a terrible tragedy! Unknown, mean-spirited individuals invaded the home they occupied for many years and stole nearly everything! And things they didn’t want, such as family pictures, were destroyed! Total devastation throughout, making the place unfit to live in! They now occupy a rented mobile home, they can’t afford, near the Center.

The Cokers don’t know I’m making this public appeal for help, on their behalf. But they need it. Both are in their 70’s. And Joanne may have to resume chemo treatments for cancer.

If you would like to offer assistance, contribute to the Center, or both, write to:

c/o Heart and Hands Care Center

P.O. Box 32

Aberdeen, WA 98520

or call 1-360-532-1104

These are listed as best forms of contact, because the hours are irregular and because they may be sleeping, after spending a sleepless night helping a poor, lost soul.

And know, too, that anything donated and help given, will be most gratefully appreciated.

Linda Schaeffer