Here’s a thought, maybe voters just didn’t buy failed GOP policies

Ron Schillinger, in his Nov. 15, letter to the editor spins as well as Rumpelstiltskin and the end product of his yarn is a hooey-filled gold mine.

From a purely political stand he laments the Obama campaign for being much better at politics than his guy. President Obama won the election with a 3 million-plus advantage in the popular vote and 126 more electoral votes. He also received more votes from minorities, women and young people.

Getting more votes is the object of a campaign and the president’s team did just exactly that.

From a much more offensive standpoint, he proclaims, Obama only received the minority vote because the “blacks, Asians, and Hispanics are the most prejudiced and racist people!” They evidently only voted for President Obama because he is a minority. The problem with this hooey nugget is according to his citation of the golden rule, it means the only reason the 61 percent of old white men voted for Romney for the same racist reasons. Shame on those white guys for voting for the white guy.

He spins and spins his yarn to net the hooey gold of his own design, all the while neglecting the possibility that the message of his preferred Grand Old Party choice didn’t sell. Bit by bit the GOP across the nation alienated women, minorities and young people. The GOP tried to suppress minority voters. They tried to force big government’s vaginal intrusions on women’s medical choices. They espoused drastically reducing young people’s access to a college education, and Shillinger disparages them if they take the bait.

Schillinger blames the GOP loss on the bigotry of the Obama base. Mitt Romney blames special interest greed to be “given things.” Paul Ryan blames it on “high urban turn-out” (read, “Black people voted”). Karl Rove blames Obama for “suppressing the vote” (read, “He told people what he thought about Romney’s plans”).

And finally, allowing the spinning wheel to go full circle, Schillinger and other GOP surrogates lament the potential loss of the precious Bush Tax Cuts for the wealthiest 2 percent of Americans … evidently because most are wealthy, white men, unless, of course, they are black athletes.

I welcome these folks blaming their candidate’s loss on anything but their failed policies. It ensures the inevitability of the GOP going the way of the Whigs. And, that’s a yarn we will read soon enough.

Jim Eddy